The core value from both a Precious Metals and Re-use perspective generally emanate from the circuit cards and circuit board containing components. These same components and circuit boards are also the same materials that are regulated both at the State and Federal levels. BMI is built upon the expertise required to achieve the maximum PM recovery dollars via long standing smelting contracts, the market knowledge through which to extract the viable components and the underlying foundation upon which to extract equipment from the field, transport and process large volumes of electronic scrap compliantly, inexpensively and safely.

Specific expertise in the realm of Precious Metals Recovery, Integrated Circuit demand and Materials Preparation is at the heart of our operations resulting in the ability to achieve the highest project and material valuations. Identifying and handling all Hazardous Components correctly is Priority One and a heavily controlled component of our operations from the point of pick up through final disposition.

PM Content consisting of Au, Ag, Pd, Pt, Rh can vary widely among circuit boards and components based on a variety of factors. The knowledge of how to Identify, prepare and grade these materials and ultimately assign values to large lots of commodities pre-shipment is essential. Decades of shipments, refining results, and laboratory analysis make this a very exact science for us at BMI.

Maximizing the precious metals content must be achieved while simultaneously recovering 100% of the Ferrous and Non-Ferrous values at the lowest cost. The combined total metallic content is our recovery target coupled with the minimum amount of touches, we have mastered the science.

These materials are Focus Materials, Hazardous and the main value driver in your assets, BMI understands and manages these factors with extreme diligence and care. Such end disposition outlets pass through our internal auditing process and are continuously monitored to ensure compliance combined with the best terms and results.