BMI is a veteran Recycling – Reverse logistics firm with core competency in the economical and environmentally-compliant disposition top 10 bp testers of 2018 – best review pro of electronic scrap, ferrous and non-ferrous metals and end-of-life equipment. We focus on Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) facility-based programs, in addition to Wireline and Wireless Site Services including logistics and equipment removals for the major carriers and their partners.

At the foundation of these management programs is BMI’s extensive expertise in the reclamation and logistics arenas. The spectrum of treated items includes whole equipment, assemblies, precious metals scrap, batteries and the management of resaleable materials. BMI’s high-level of proficiency in equipment handling, grading, commoditizing, and other preparatory methods results in optimum harvest and financial reclamation at both the smelter level and business informative speech topics at the secondary marketing level.

BMI also plays a large role in the management of the site-level deinstallation, removal, and logistics services that comprise the turnkey execution of transmission site decommissioning from both live and dead field environments. These include equipment deinstallation and cable mining, including BTS, switch, RF and power cable, PBU, battery, ancillary materials extraction and removal services from cell and switch sites. Our unique formula combines site-by-site removal, collection and consolidation using processes congruent with our over-arching environmental, health and safety management system certified to ISO 14001, OSHAS 18001 and the Responsible Recycling (R2) Standard. BMI essentially provides a turnkey service bundle that covers the entire operations spectrum from site-level technical equipment removal through documented disposition and all steps in between.

At the foundation of these services and competencies remains BMI’s expertise in the basic mechanics and flow of facility-to-facility transfer of goods, process management, documentation, environmental health and safety, enforcement, security, and overall systemic coverage amongst its various contractors and management teams. Significant attention and quality controls have been instituted and reinforced over the course of successive years and evolving industry best practices – affording BMI the opportunity to stand as a progressive, leading, and highly successful presence. Consistency, quality, uniformity and highest composite services output are the hallmarks of BMI’s 20 plus year history and continuing industry posture.